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Le Savali: Berlin

World premiere

Concept, stage, choreography, direction, sound design and musical direction Lemi Ponifasio
Lighting design Helen Todd
Composition Fabrizio Cassol

With MAU [Samoa, New Zealand, Kiribati]
in collaboration with performers, dancers, musicians, and a choir from Berlin

Performer: Liza Alpizar Aguillar, Vincent Bozek, Gabriel Castillo, Esteban Castro, Ana Kavalis, Soraya Miroud, Yalda Moinzadeh, Ming Poon, Julia Asuka Riedel, Angelo Rygielski, Maya Zapata
Bulgarian Voices Berlin: Boryana Cerreti-Velichkova [coach]
Kerstin Dambeck, Annette Isenbart, Andrea Pohler, Ulrike Reichhoff, Petra Stawowczyk, Ani Stoyanova, Katya Tasheva, Margarita Todorova-Jabarski, Tsvetelina Yonova-Karbe, Weronika Zmiejewski
Musicians: Xell [oboe/gaida, Simon Jakob Drees [violin]
Vladimir Karparov [saxophone], Silke Lange [accordion]
Yann Metzmacher [violin], Horst Nonnenmacher [double bass]
Levent Yildirim [percussion]

Ioane Papalii, Teataki Tamango, Rosie Belvie, Charles Koroneho, Arikitau Tentau, Kelemete Fu’a, Maereke Teteka, Gerard Tatireta, Tupua Tigafua, Kasina Campbell, Tiui Elisara, Helmi Prasetyo (Teater Ruang), Courtney Meredith, Sam Hamilton, Sani Muliaumaseali’i

Commissioned by spielzeit’europa | Berliner Festspiele
With the support of ENPARTS – European Network of Performing Arts, Biennale di Venezia as part of the Culture Programme of the European Commission

»Le Savali concerns the city as site of the between of life and death, or the city as site of transformation, mutability, unstable thresholds of identity, populations or governance.

Le Savali opens the past and future of the city, the city as partition between spaces for living and memorials or tombs of the dead. It is an occasion for drawing out and drawing over contemporary political, social and cultural conditions of empire and the city.«

Lemi Ponifasio

»Le Savali« is a Samoan word for a journey of many to express a message, a collective of many voices to show their common concern, a show of community strength and belonging. Le Savali: Berlin is the construction of a ground or a platform for the activation of theatre/ritual/ceremony in a calling on the community to confront current realities experienced through the City of Berlin.
Lemi Ponifasio, international leading force in theatre and dance, originates from Samoa. His company MAU is a community of artists coming from different islands of the Pacific region and New Zealand. The site for this new theatre-work by Lemi Ponifasio is the socially varied and multicultural city and capital of Berlin. MAU will come together with immigrants and natives; a variety of performers, dancers, a Bulgarian choir, musicians and artists all living in and negotiating the world from and within this city.
Le Savali: Berlin is a public declaration that the integrity and dignity of our common humanity should not be deformed by fears or anonymous systems, or intolerance, such as we witness all around us. A unique encounter of artists and communities shaping the face of Berlin – and is theatre, that opens the world, that welcomes everybody.

»Whats new in the choreographic landscape? Lemi Ponifasio. We have been watching out for the new miracle: the one capable of bringing onto stage bodily images captivating both fans of dance and visual art. Lemi Ponifasio, highly regarded by Peter Sellars, could be indeed the one.«
Le Figaro