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2011 Talent Meeting

Gender Your Role – Meet International Theatre Makers

People play. People play characters. Not just one, but several. People behave out of character or change character. Whether they want to or not. Gender stereotypes at work, in texts, in productions, in training and in our private lives affect us all the time, they give our sense of identity a series of small and large tasks. Being an I is work. When do we perform ourselves and when are we being performed? Where exactly does that “little difference” lie?

Gender is a subject which applies to everyone. Women and men both come up against existing structures which lead to unequal treatment. And these processes lead to questions such as the intense discussion about interculturality, for example, or the revived demands for a quota of women. How can social and cultural participation be co-ordinated? Where is the theatre monocultural, impermeable and opaque? Just how much can be changed?

At this year’s tt Talent Meeting on 13th and 14th May young theatre professionals from over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America will come together to discuss gender images and stereotypes. Which social roles do we assume as artists and as citizens? Which gender roles are played where and how? And what should change? And what part can art, theatre and the stage play?

This year the Talent Meeting is trying out new formats and offers two distinct networking opportunities: at a so-called laptop wedding on Friday 13th May from 4 to 6pm, international theatremakers, invited by the Goethe Institut, will make multimedia presentations about their work for general discussion. tt alumni and others who are interested are welcome to be inspired, question and think further. Do other perspectives and production methodologies lead to a different approach to parts and roles? The event will be in English.

On Saturday 14th May, the mini-conference ‘Gender your role’ from 4 to 7pm will focus exclusively on the experiences of the tt alumni. Around 120 international theatremakers and interested parties from other disciplines will come together at the same time in the same place, not on Facebook but live and in colour. Following impromptu speeches from Maricel Álvarez, tt workshop leader and actor in Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s latest film ‘Biutiful’ and Herbert Fritsch, previous tt talents will invite participants to take part in themed round table discussions. Roaming critics will observe the discussions and present their findings in a plenary session. The tt talent party will then start at 10pm with music this year from DJ Señor Pozo (Das Hotel): funk, mambo, swing and electro-swing.

There is a small allocation of 25 Euro tickets available to participants for the performance of ‘The Beaver Coat’ on Saturday 14th May at 8pm. Please state your interest when registering. Bookings will be confirmed in the first week of May. To register please complete the registration form until May 5th.

Participation in the talent meeting is free.
The complete programme will be published here during the Theatertreffen.

The History of the Talent Meeting

Participants in the Theatertreffen’s talent platforms – Stückemarkt, International Forum, tt Festivalzeitung and Theatertreffen Blog – have grown to become an immense pool of international theatre professionals. In order to encourage exchanges between them, the tt Talent Meeting was created in 2006. After last year’s successful conference ‘Achtung Transit’, which lasted several days, in 2011 we will offer two days of intensive opportunities for discussion and networking under the title ‘Gender Your Role – Meet International Theatremakers’. Current tt talents and tt alumni will be joined by invited experts and delegates from the Goethe Institut’s international visitors programme.

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