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Theatertreffen Blog 2011

Reviews, laboratory, archive and network at www.theatertreffen-blog.de

Illustration von Johanna von Stülpnagel
Illustration: Johanna von Stülpnagel

Seven participants from Germany, Israel, Austria, Switzerland and the USA were selected from a range of international applicants and produced their own contributions in German and English. They took part in regular planning meetings and seminars on video journalism, theatre photography and theatre criticism, visited Theatertreffen productions, conducted interviews, conceived their own formats such as the ‘Guttenberg’ review, the dialogue review, ‘left of the circle’ or the ‘She He Chat’, and explored the technical possibilities of online arts reporting. Working together with the editors of our media partners Berliner Zeitung (Dirk Pilz), exberliner (Florian Duijsens) and Kultiversum.de (Sophie Diesselhorst) and supported by the illustrations of the cartoonist Johanna von Stülpnagel the young culture bloggers reported live around the clock for almost three weeks in a wide range of styles about all aspects of the festival. In 2011 the Rudolf Augstein Stiftung sponsored the Theatertreffen blog for the first time.

A positive development: in 2011 the blog was recognized as an independent medium. Interview requests came in by e-mail from other festivals and bloggers asked for banners with links. The three more heated debates conducted on the blog, about the differences between German and British theatre, about the director Herbert Fritsch’s use of the word “Luder” and the interview with Iris Laufenberg, where she looked back on her time at the Theatertreffen, were all linked to the right places: Guardian Online, Mädchenmannschaft.net and nachtkritik.de. There was also a formal debate about whether a ‘Live-Blog’, which is known in the German-speaking world mainly as a means of football commentary, might also work for platform debates. User numbers were in line with the previous year: with around 1,000 individual visitors per day, the blog reaches a theatre-literate readership on the net. In total we counted 27,000 visits and 150,000 page hits.

The blog is now archiving around 140 articles on the 2011 festival including voxpops, photos, picture galleries in sound, essays and audience views, as well as 250 comments. The debate about contemporary theatre continues, this year’s tt bloggers have come together and will continue to exchange views through Twitter hashtag #tt11.

Project director: Nikola Richter

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Supported by     Rudolf Augstein Stiftung

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