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The best atmosphere, the best theatre!

Starting with the opening ‘The Works/The Bus/A Fall’ from Cologne right through to the finale with Christoph Schlingensief’s ‘Via Intolleranza II’, which he directed shortly before his death, there were two and a half weeks of remarkable and exciting theatre to experience at tt11 – combined with the best festival atmosphere ever and the obligatory discussions long into the night in the festival garden (one or two of the critics thought these were more stimulating than the productions themselves… we take this as a compliment!). Amid the cacophony of voices, opinions of the chosen productions were particularly controversial this year: some people’s favourites were reviled by others, enthusiastic bravos were mixed with boos.

In addition to this we appear to have succeeded in launching a gender debate in the theatre. During our ‘feminism’ discussion Marlene Steeuruwitz in particular was able to establish some important points on this issue. The ‘Women Directors’ exhibition at the Akademie der Künste will also continue to attract visitors; on the initiative of the Swedish Cultural Attaché a network for Women in Theatre was founded and the issue has been disputed and opinions exchanged on the Theatertreffen blog – and hopefully will continue to be long beyond the festival.

As a resume of the wonderful and stimulating years together with you, the tt audience, I would like – to the amusement of my team - to quote theatre critic Reinhard Wengierek:
“… what had tended to be a trade fair for insiders has now turned into a social event which now has more than a touch of – what we could brazenly call – Berlin glamour.”

Dear audience, stay faithful to the theatre and its annual Theatertreffen!

Iris Laufenberg
Director of the Theatertreffen

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