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A Musical Portrait of Ken Ueno: Archaeologies of the Future

Ken Ueno
Disabitato for piano (2007)
Kizu for koto and vocals (2006)
Two Hands for viola and drums (2009)
I screamed at the sea until nodes swelled up, then my voice became the resonant noise of the sea for clarinet (2006)
Improvisation for vocals and microtonal tuba
Talus for viola and string ensemble (2007)

Heather O’Donnell piano
Kyoko Kawamura koto/voice
Kim Kashkashian / Wendy Richman viola
Greg Oakes clarinet
Robin Hayward microtonal tuba
Robyn Schulkowsky drums
Ken Ueno extended voice

ensemble unitedberlin
Stanley Dodds, conductor

Lydia Rilling talks to Ken Ueno

The American Academy in Berlin in collaboration
with MaerzMusik | Berliner Festspiele
In cooperation with Jewish Museum Berlin

In the glass courtyard of the Jewish Museum, MaerzMusik will present a portrait concert of the American composer, vocalist and improviser, Ken Ueno. In his music he amalgamates various influences to create a unique soundscape. He specialises in the most extended singing techniques, whether overtones, multiphonics or circular breathing and he employs the most diverse instrumental styles and techniques from the European and American avant-garde, as well as those of the shamisen player, for example, and other sounds from traditional Japanese music.
Ueno has worked together with many musicians and ensembles, to name a few Kim Kashkashian, Robyn Schulkowsky, Mayumi Miyata, Teodoro Anzellotti, The Nieuw Ensemble, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Bang on a Can and The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. At MaerzMusik he will introduce some of his most recent works with the ensemble unitedberlin under the direction of Stanley Dodds and exceptional soloists. Additionally he will provide information on his work in an artist discussion with Lydia Rilling.
Ken Ueno, who was already awarded the Rome Prize in 2006/7, became the American Academy Berlin Prize Fellow in Music Composition in 2010/11.