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Perotinus Magnus – Dein Kuss von göttlicher Natur

Vision of a film project by Uli Aumüller (2005)

In cooperation with Babylon

The film Dein Kuss von göttlicher Natur – Der ZEITgenosse Perotin (Thy kiss of divine nature – the conTEMPOrary Perotin) is a staged documentary, featuring the Hilliard Ensemble interpreting the music of Perotinus Magnus and his time. It was filmed in Lübeck’s St. Petri church, whose pillars and vaults were illuminated with video light that translated the lyrics of the Latin texts for the contemporary audience, in a sensuous and expressive way. A choreography by Hans Kresnik forms the highlight of this video light production, which undertook to present the myth of the virgin birth as choreographic theatre. Two years before the start of shooting, Uli Aumüller explained his idea in a virtual interview – with reserved roles: the voice of the director poses the questions, the voice of the speaker Ulrich Ritter answers. A year and a half after the end of shooting, this “audio play” was made visual using images of the actual, completed film project, a fugue of two voices (at least) between sound and image, between verbal imagination and pictorial design.