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Theatertreffen Blog

More and more print media are expanding their online operations. Even the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper now has its reporters and columnists blogging. Internet journalism is no longer seen as a recycling of content from older media, it is developing its independence, with its own forms and working methods.

This year the Theatertreffen will support six emerging arts journalists aged 35 or under, together with one photographer from 1st to18th May 2009 in order either to give them a first taste of working online or extend their existing experience. In the Theatertreffen blog they will reflect the Festival on stage, off stage and backstage and capture its atmosphere in words, images and sounds. They will be helped in the editing process by a team of experienced mentors from the Berliner Zeitung. The participating journalists will each receive a work stipend at an appropriate level, accommodation in Berlin, travel costs and a festival passport.

The Theatertreffen blog is a step forward in both journalistic and media terms from the previous tt festival newspaper and the Theatertreffen’s productive collaboration with the Berliner Zeitung. This year ZEIT ONLINE and Theater der Zeit have also joined us as co-operative partners. Further support is provided by the guest mentors Teresa Bücker (community management, Freitag.de) and Kyo Mali Jung (video journalist, ZDF). They will focus on new forms of online journalism and will collaborate with the blog editors to achieve stronger links between theory and practice.

The blog is intended to concentrate less on traditional reviews – there are enough of these for the all the invited productions – and focus instead on individual, direct and contemporary approaches to the festival and to making theatre. It can extend the Theatertreffen’s reach out beyond its specific venues and indeed beyond the capital.


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