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The Theatertreffen turned 46 years old in the sunny month of May – and looking back on the festival month of May 2009 we can say that the festival is as fresh and vital as it has ever been in its long history. Both the cause of the considerable audience enthusiasm and the guarentee of success for the enormous national and international press reaction was the high artistic quality and individual nature of the ten nominated productions. Each of the productions went straight to the heart: those of Christoph Schlingensief, Katie Mitchell, Andreas Kriegenburg, Nicolas Stemann, Joachim Meyerhoff, Martin Kusej, Volker Lösch – and of the wonderful director Jürgen Gosch, whose death we shall mourn for a long time to come.
This was a Theatertreffen of strong directors, with great actors and impressive choruses.
Rüdiger Schaper summed this up in the Tagesspiegel on 19th May:
„The triumph of the collective is the most irritating observation one could make at this remarkable Theatertreffen. The group is stronger than the soloist.“
Whether you agree or not, let’s hope for sunshine this summer, have a good holiday!

Iris Laufenberg
Director Theatertreffen

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