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Niels Klein · saxophone, clarinet
Arne Jansen · guitar
Eva Kruse · bass
Nils Tegen · drums

During JazzFest Berlin, the A-Trane jazz club serves as a platform for Berlin based double bass player Eva Kruse, well known as a member of the highly acclaimed German trio [em] alongside Michael Wollny and Eric Schaefer. She ranks among a generation of young musicians who establish a new and coherent balance between the jazz heritage and the manifold influences of the contemporary.

At this year’s JazzFest edition, she is represented within three different settings. The ‘coxless four’ Firomanum is based in Berlin and Cologne, two of Germany’s cutting-edge jazz biotopes. The four characters Eva Kruse and Arne Jansen – both on the festival roster with the Arne Jansen Trio – Nils Tegen and Niels Klein – also performing with Vince Mendoza’s Blauklang Ensemble – tell a collective story. Sometimes conceptual, then free again, sometimes reserved and with demure jazz-charms, but always a bit of its own. And the pleasing avantgardistic echos always show a certain sense of humour.
Since their formation in 2000, the four work on a democratic basis: Everyone writes for everyone, all play for all, together they’re Firomanum. “Why do we still play together like this? Because the four of us are having so much fun meeting! Of course the music has its part, but so has the friendship.” bassist Eva Kruse explains. Saxophonist Niels Klein feels that the band structure without a leader is a welcomed complement to the usual role allocation. “The four of us stand by each other in a positive stress ratio, musically as well as humanly, and it’s just fun to deal with that.”