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Platz Mangel

Rote Fabrik Zürich / dieproduktion gmbh
A project by Christoph Marthaler

Directed by Christoph Marthaler
Stage design Frieda Schneider
Costume design Sarah Schittek
Conductor Christoph Homberger
Music assistance / arrangements Jan Czajkowski
Lighting design Ursula Degen
Sound Fritz Rickenbacher
Dramaturgy Malte Ubenauf, Stefanie Carp

Catriona Guggenbühl, Katja Kolm, Bettina Stucky, Raphael Clamer, Ueli Jäggi, Jürg Kienberger, Bernhard Landau, Josef Ostendorf, Clemens Sienknecht

Premiere 6 December 2007
Length 2h 10, no interval

Talk with the audience
Moderation Barbara Burckhardt
Sat 17 May 22:00

“Platz Mangel” is unmistakably a work by Marthaler, and as always time itself weighs heavily on the characters. The very weight of life forces them onto or into bed, and sometimes even under it. The characters lie there in white bath robes and large sunglasses; they are the feudal patients in the Dr. Dr. Bläsis Sanatorium, studying various ridiculous insurance options, listening to treatises on God and spirituality, trying to win a losing battle against fat – and all the time they know that heaven is no more than a dream. The songs are more beautiful and artistic than ever, taking in everything from Schubert and Mahler to Brigitte Bardot to the repeated “You can win if you want” by Modern Talking, before finally coming to Bach’s St. John Passion (“to Golgatha!”). Marthaler is his old self, and yet also a little more contemplative than previously. The body, illness, and death are the obsessive ghostly concerns in this dystopian clinic. This performance by the marvellous “Marthaler family” is deeply moving and lingers in the memory.