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The Marriage of Maria Braun

Münchner Kammerspiele
Based on the Film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Screenplay Peter Märthesheimer and Pea Fröhlich

Directed by Thomas Ostermeier
Stage design Nina Wetzel
Costume design Ulrike Gutbrod
Lighting design Max Keller
Music Nils Ostendorf
Video Sebastien Dupouey
Dramaturgy Julia Lochte

Brigitte Hobmeier Maria Braun
Steven Scharf Hermann Braun, Betti, American Soldier, journalist, waiter
Jean-Pierre Cornu registrar, Grandpa Berger, Bronski, interpreter, Karl Oswald, notary
Hans Kremer mother, doctor, judge, Senkenberg, attendant, lawyer, waiter
Bernd Moss Red Cross Nurse, Black Marketeer, Bill, Willi, conductor, American business man, Ms. Ehmke, waiter, Wetzel

Premiere 6. June 2007
Length 1h 45, no interval

Talk with the audience
Moderation Tobi Müller
Mon 5 May app. 21:45

Thirty years after the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany Rainer Werner Fassbinder took a critical look at the years of the post-war economic miracle. His film “Die Ehe der Maria Braun” shows a society in which material wealth is on the up, but at the end even the emancipated and self-made woman Maria Braun is forced to acknowledge that she herself has been no more than a commodity in a collusive male game. In this pacy production at Munich’s Kammerspiele, Thomas Ostermeier is able to draw on five marvellous actors who play all the characters and are able even to switch sexes with remarkable ease. Brigitte Hobmeier is as confident, sexy and untouchable as Hanna Schygulla once was in the original Fassbinder film that made her an international star.
With his linear narrative and elegant but highly comic stage adaptation Ostermeier does not make any attempt to modernise the play, and yet the Maria Braun of his gender study of the 1950s looks just like a precursor of today’s “me plc” one-woman businesses.