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Nortec: Bostich + Fussible


Tijuana Sound Machine 2008
Multimedia Performance

Bostich aka Ramón Amezcua, music
Fussible aka Pepe Mogt, music
Juan Tellez Zavala, accordeon
VJ PR4 aka Ernesto Aello, visuals

Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor
Great Fences of Australia (2002–2004) GP

Jon Rose / Erkki Veltheim, performance

Nortec Collective from the Mexican border town Tijuana is a creative pool of musicians, graphic artists, architects and fashion designers, who jointly trailblazed their individual way as multimedia poly-activists in their metropolis of extremes and its American neighbourhood.
The sound of the Nortec Collective, in all its electronic varieties, is the sound of the streets, but also Norteño, Ranchera and Banda Sinaloense −traditional Mexican music played enthusiastically on accordion and brass− are among their sampling sources. Ramon Amezcua aka Bostich and Pepe Mogt aka Fussible with their popular dance floor and ingeniously witty mixing and sampling techniques are two of the most notable members of “Nortec”.

Nortec on www.myspace.com