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Flamenco Puro


Arcángel, cantaor & Miguel Angel Cortés, guitar

Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor
Great Fences of Australia (2002–2004) DE

Jon Rose / Erkki Veltheim, performance

Flamenco is a music full of inspiration, emotion and real passion and where could these qualities become more apparent than in flamenco puro, so profound and touching because it encompasses the history of whole generations as well as the personal story of each individual musician. Already at the age of ten, cantaor Francisco José Arcángel Ramos mastered the fandangos of his native area and is today considered the most knowledgeable singer of the fandangos of the Huelva. But he also is a versatile cantaor with a large repertoire and a skilful interpreter combining in his singing the schools of Caracol, El Pele, Enrique Morente, El Pinto and Carmen Linares. The new works by guitarist Miguel Ángel Cortés move between tangos, bulerías, alegrías, tanguillos, seguiriya and granaínas. The Granada born artist comes from an old family of musicians where he learned the numerous techniques of playing flamenco early on; today he fascinates his audience with endless arzapúas and stoccatos, intricate rhythms, finely-tuned dynamics and a masterly talent to open up the large realm of emotions with resounding and inspiring passion. Cortés’ play is a perfect complement to Arcángel’s unique voice.