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Perlonex & Ulrike Flaig


Burkhard Beins, percussion
Ignaz Schick, live electronics
Jörg Maria Zeger, guitar
Ulrike Flaig, feedback video

The Berlin trio Perlonex has developed a highly individual variety of electro-acoustic music. Apart from the sounding-out of sonic materials and its overlapping counterpoints, one main focus lies on the superimposition and gradual shifting of repetitive or quasi-repetitive structures, loops and pulsating movements. By combining digital live electronics, contact microphones, record players, electric guitars and purely acoustic percussion, the whole spectre of contemporary sound production is employed.

An additional visual level is provided by a live video performance by Stuttgart-based artist Ulrike Flaig who transforms static video feedbacks into pulsating movements, driving them to assume ever new and surprising forms and structures.