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Kapital Band I


Playing by numbers (2007) WP

Kapital Band I:
Martin Brandlmayr, percussion/vibraphone
Nicholas Bussmann, violoncello/electronics/vocals
Clare Cooper, harp
Werner Dafeldecker, double bass
Andrea Neumann, interior piano
Tony Buck, percussion

Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor
Great Fences of Australia (2002–2004) GP

Jon Rose / Erkki Veltheim, performance

It’s not jazz, or funk, nor techno, new music or pop – Kapital Band I simply can’t be categorised. Berlin cellist and electronic technician Nicholas Bussmann and Austrian percussionist Martin Brandlmayr extract musical forms and place them in a completely new context. After the success of their debut album 2CD (2004), the duo has now started on a new project: Playing by Numbers. At the interface of instrumental performance and electronics they develop a three-part “suite” of “audio scores” that are generated in different ways and in which also coincidental components, elements of de- and reconstruction, synthesizing, colouring and shifting can become the structural basis of systematic play. Realised together with major guest artists from the improvisational scene − Clare Cooper (harp), Werner Dafeldecker (double bass), Andrea Neumann (inside piano) und Tony Buck (drums) – the concept holds the promise of a highly exciting and colourful session.