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Miguel Azguime



Itinerário do Sal / Weg des Salzes
Multimedia opera (2006)

Miso Ensemble:
Miguel Azguime, performance/composition/texts
Paula Azguime, sound/conzept/video direction
Andre Bartetzki, video programming/live processing
Perseu Mandillo, video camera/video direction
Miso Studio, technical supervision

CIRCUITS is a co-production of Miso Music Portugal in cooperation with The British Council and Portuguese Music Information Centre, supported by Direcção Geral des Artes/Ministério da Cultura, Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD, Elektronisches Studio der TU Berlin and Instituto Camões.

In his three-act multimedia opera Itinerário do Sal (Salt Itinerary), Portuguese composer Miguel Azguime follows the traces of the human voice, the shaping and formation of words, their meanings and sounds. His reflections on “Art and Madness” revolve around the phenomenon of language: articulation by transformation, cultural decoding, electronic alienation and experimental vocal practices are presented in a new and ever-changing light. Miguel Azguime is the actor, poet and composer of his opera, a creative creator of a constantly unfolding and intensifying polyphony of the senses in which the subject explores new artificial spheres and breaks the boundaries of musical theatre.