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Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor


Great Fences of Australia (2002–2004) GP

Jon Rose, audio/video/installation
Jon Rose / Erkki Veltheim, performance

Installation 07–16-03 open one hour before and after the events

Further performances Sat 08 / Mon 10 / Thu 13 – Sun 16-03

Great Fences of Australia (2002–2004) is an installation based on a project developed by Jon Rose and his partner Hollis Taylor already in the 1980s and 90s. The exploration and investigation of fences all over the world are at the centre of the project: their topographic course, sociological and socio-political context, and their sound. On a journey of about 25,000 miles, in the struggle between music and noise, between improvisation and intuition, Rose and Taylor have played the immeasurable fences of Australia. Finally, they drew a kind of musical map including recordings of their fence music, visual documentation, oral histories told by locals and contemporary witnesses, and a great variety of filmic insights into the cultural diversity of the “outside” and “inside” of the fences.