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The Sound of Silence

A concert of Simon & Garfunkel 1968 in Riga that never took place
World premiere

Directed by Alvis Hermanis
Stage design and costumes · Monika Pormale
Photos · Mara Brašmane
Sound design · Gatis Builis
Lighting design · Krisjanis Strazdits

With Guna Zarina, Sandra Zvigule, Inga Alsina, Liena Šmukste, Iveta Pole, Regina Razuma, Kristine Kruze, Gatis Gaga, Kaspars Znotinš, Edgars Samitis, Ivars Krasts, Varis Pinkis, Girts Kruminš, Andris Keišs

A production of spielzeit’europa | Berliner Festspiele
and Jaunais Rigas Teatris

Lenght app. 3h, one interval
Tickets € 25.00 | reduced € 15.00 [unreserved seating]

9 November
Premiere party with DJane Clärchen »And The Beat Goes On…«
10 November [after the performance]
Talk with the audience

»People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence.«

Paul Simon, The Sound of Silence

The utopias of the 68ers – Woodstock, Simon & Garfunkel, dreams of love and peace and making the world a better place … Director Alvis Hermanis, designer Monika Pormale, and the outstanding ensemble from the New Riga Theatre turn the clock back 40 years and show the old people from their hit show Long Life when they were young, living in the Eastern version of communes in the collective flats of Soviet-era Latvia. A play without language, using only the music of Simon & Garfunkel, which premires in Berlin at spiezeit’europa.

Further tour dates of “The Sound of Silence”:
22 + 23. February 2008 – schauspielfrankfurt
April 2008 – Moscow (Latvian Culture Days)
June 2008 – Wiener Festwochen