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The Stückemarkt

The Stückemarkt or “play market”, an integral feature of the Theatertreffen since 1978, is a market place for writers, agents, theatremakers, critics and audiences. First and foremost it is a springboard for young, as yet unknown dramatists from across Europe. In almost every case, staged readings at the Stückemarkt have proved to be a decisive step in the careers of emerging writers.

Two important innovations accompanied the Stückemarkt in 2007 for which I would like to see continued support:
The New Playwriting Prize is worth 5,000 Euro. It will be awarded to one of the Stückemarkt authors whose play is presented as a staged reading. There is one notable change from 2007: the Development Prize for New Writing is now coupled with a premiere at a leading theatre.
The tt stückemarkt Commission, first awarded in 2007 and worth 7,000 Euro, is awarded to one of the participants in the playwriting workshop. The author’s new play will be premiered at a leading theatre.
Both awards are funded by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education.

After Anja Hilling, Oliver Schmaering, Nuran David Calis, Dirk Laucke and Thomas Freyer now the participants of the Stückemarkt 2007 are on the road to success: Arna Aley, Maria Kilpi, Philipp Löhle, Ali Taylor, Volker Schmidt and Kai-Ivo Baulitz can look forward to the upcoming world premieres of their plays.

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