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Burkhard Beins · drums/percussion
Martin Brandlmayr · drums/percussion
John Butcher · tenor/soprano saxophone
Werner Dafeldecker · double bass
Michael Moser · cello/computer

John Tilbury · piano

Werner Dafeldecker Field (2007) WP
Michael Moser place / replace / represent (2007) WP

The ensemble, founded by Werner Dafeldecker and Michael Moser in 1993 and including also Burkhard Beins, saxophonist John Butcher from Britain and Martin Brandlmayr, is considered one the most consistent and radical ensembles at the intersection of new music and structural improvisation. The work of the five sonic researchers is dominated by a reserved and cool use of electronics and precisely calculated, slow motion like transformations of noise formats and sonic complexes – often moving only just above the auditory threshold and using unorthodox playing techniques for their ‘analogous’ instruments.
“Precision and loss – Werner Dafeldecker’s music moves between these two poles, which at first sight seem wholly unrelated. Precision is demanded for every step of the way, from the compositional process to the smallest detail during performance... The compositions are based on the search for and clash of extreme sonic situations.”
Christian Scheib
Polwechsel will perform together with John Tilbury at the Sonic Arts Lounge of MaerzMusik 2007. John Tilbury, who has been a member of the legendary British improv group AMM (together with Keith Rowe and Eddie Prevost) since 1979, is most renowned for his interpretations of contemporary piano music.