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From 557 entries from 26 European countries, the jury comprising of Lukas Bärfuss, David Bösch, Wladimir Kaminer, Iris Laufenberg and Andrea Vilter has selected six plays for the 2006 Stückemarkt.

Three plays in German were selected and three international plays:

Nikolai Khalezin, Minsk (Belarus)
Ja prishel – Here I am
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Anders Duus, Stockholm (Sweden)
Allt ska bort – Everything must go
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Thomas Freyer, Berlin (Germany)
Amoklauf mein Kinderspiel – Running amok my childrens’ game
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Paul Jenkins, London (Great Britain)
Natural Selection
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Thomas Melle, Berlin (Germany)
Licht frei Haus – Lightfree House
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Tomo Mirko Pavlović, Stuttgart (Germany)
Der alte Tänzer und ich haben Liebe gemacht
I made love to the old dancer
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The selection demonstrates contrasting positions within contemporary playwriting: Thomas Melle creates a milieu piece in a Berlin back yard, Anders Duus dramatises the collapse of a Swedish provincial town at the hands of global economic forces, in Tomo Mirko Pavlovic’s intergenerational farce, an „It boy“ loses out in his fight against the powerful generation of pensioners. Briton Paul Jenkins presents an amalgam of Darwinism, genetic research and big city neuroses, Nikolai Khalezin offers us a view from a heavenly perspective down on the banality of the everyday life of a typical Belarussian and Thomas Freyer enters the shocking dynamism of an orgy of violence springing from conflicts between East and West, parents and children.

These six plays will be presented in the form of staged readings as part of the Theatertreffen in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. In addition, the jury has also nominated six further authors to take part in a dramatists’ workshop with John von Düffel.

A detailed programme with all dates for the Stückemarkt will be published together with the overall Theatertreffen programme at the beginning of April.

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