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Stückemarkt III

Ja prishel | Natural Selection
Nikolai Khalezin
Ja prishel – Here I am (Belarus)
Scenic arrangement by Markus Heinzelmann
Dramaturgy: Marcel Klett
Readers: Samuel Finzi, Astrid Meyerfeldt and Andreas Pietschmann

The life of one person from birth to death, with one room for each stage in that life. In the first room the hero Guido naively and enthusiastically accepts the gift of life. The story continues, showing him as a son, a boy, a lover, a friend and a father – at the end he comes back to the angel from the first room. Was that everything, or is there more to come? This is the question that now interests Guido in “Ja prishel – Here I am”, this Byelorussian version of “Everyman”.

app. 21:00
Paul Jenkins
Natural Selection (Great Britain)
Scenic arrangement by Gesine Danckwart
Dramaturgy: Marion Hirte
Readers: Hermann Beyer, Judith Engel, Godehard Giese, Ricardo Koppe, Bernd Moss, Anne Ratte-Polle, Jenny Schily and Bettina Stucky
With the support of the British Council, Berlin

Mr Brain is successful, but sterile. Mr Harris helps couples without children. To do this he needs surrogate mothers like Mash, but Mash steals his money. Vlad and Joseph use this money to finance their terrorist campaign for a free Wales. Joseph finds a prehistoric skeleton, and a visitors’ centre is founded. Then everyone has their chance. Mr Brain develops the security, Mr Harris clones a prehistoric human, Vlad carries out an attack, Mash becomes a mother … “Natural Selection” is a laconic and humorous play about the ineradicable dream of being able to plan our future.

App. 22:00 presentation of the playwright workshops
with John von Düffel: My Holiest in 5 Minutes
Mini plays of the workshop authors

Afterwards: awarding of the
tt price for new drama
Donated by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung