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Dunkel lockende Welt (Dark Tempting World)

Münchner Kammerspiele
by Händl Klaus

Joachim Hufschmied Jochen Noch
Corinna Schneider Wiebke Puls
Mechthild Schneider Gundi Ellert

Directed by Sebastian Nübling
Stage design, costumes Muriel Gerstner
Music Lars Wittershagen
Lighting design Max Keller
Dramaturgy Marion Hirte

Première 1 February 2006
Length app. 2h, no interval

Talk with the audience
Wed 10 May 22:00 spiegelBAR

Neuroses are laid bare in this production. Everything is played out on a smoothly polished surface, where you can see everything and yet never quite be sure that you’ve remotely understood it. An evening of deranged comedy, where David Lynch meets Alfred Hitchcock and Jacques Tati. Director Sebastian Nübling has sharpened Händl Klaus’ intriguing black comedy “Dunkel lockende Welt” into a familiar infernal triangle with equal elegance, absurdity and wit. There’s a lot of talk, joking, cleaning, Bossa Nova dancing, but underlying it all is a sentence by Marcel Duchamp: “It’s always the others who die”.