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by John Jesurun

Text, Director, Design, Video · John Jesurun
Lighting design · Jeff Nash
Technical Director · Richard Connors

Jason Lew, Darren Pettie und Ching Valdes

In English with German supertitles
Length app. 60 min.

Thanks to Ellen Stewart, La Mama, Irene Young, Kirk Winslow, Kaiitheater

Talk with the audience 11 December, after the performance

As in Sophocles’ tragedy of the same name, due to a foul-smelling wound Philoktetes is left behind on Lemnos by the Greeks as they advance on Troy. Years later, Odysseus and Neoptolemus wish to win back the outcast for a war, mainly because of his weapons. But Philoktetes claims to be someone else: the man they are looking for, he says, is dead. Three burnt-out officers besiege one another, with ploys and deceit, and aggressive talk about death and the underworld, in a fog of drugs and alcohol. The language flickers between Antiquity and the present day.