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All over the country we are expected to deal with reality and current experience by means of an ever unchanging canon of plays. Why aren’t there as many different topics on stage as in real life? We don’t believe that a handful of plays can solve the need for a discussion of questions like the conflict of generations, the search for new values, the conflict between individuality and social security, the question of national identity, the search for faith. What’s next? What do we need now? What is it that you are looking for? What is it that different people can tell us? What’s going on? We want to know more about all of this to put it on stage, to see what is possible?

The Desire for Material

A request for material was the order – and it has been fulfilled to our utmost satisfaction. The "Stückemarkt" of the "Theatertreffen – tt04" (theatre meeting) has completed its search for new plays and proudly presents the chosen texts and their authors.

From the 220 submissions the German language the jury of five – Thea Dorn, Joachim Lux, Monika Muskala, Jutta Wachowiak, Iris Laufenberg - selected, after lengthy discussions, the following plays:
"Pas de deux" by John Brike, "Zuhause" by Dorothee Brix, "Rosa, wie ein bisschen rot" by Johan Heß and "Restart" by Kristina Nenninger.
From the 115 entries from across Europe the jury decided, after intense examination, in favour of Carles Batlle "Temptaton" (Spain), Laura Cerniauskaite "Lucy is skating" (Lithuania) and Jan Klata "Smiling Grapefruit" (Working title, Poland).

In cooperation with experienced dramaturges, the authors will have the chance to re-examine their plays before they start the preparations for a public reading with a director. The international texts will be translated into German exclusively for the "Stückemarkt".

What was remarkable about the numerous works submitted this year was the unusually large number of young authors who impressed the jury time and again with works which are mature in terms of both form and content. These texts deal mainly with subjects such as interpersonal and love relationships.
Some of the texts took family life as their central theme. The jury was surprised by serious texts on political subjects such as Guantanamo Bay or the Schleyer kidnapping. Several texts examine the process and the possibilities of cloning. Others still use irony in their dramas to treat social issues – with quite a distance to their own life. The variety in the formal range of the entries is reflected well by the seven works selected – everything is represented, from fast dialogue to surreal-absurd text to strict, formalised tableau.

The "Stückemarkt" is introducing one new additional event: A one-week workshop run by author and dramatic adviser John von Düffel will be offered to young authors whose talents the jury expressly wants to emphasize. Sigrid Behrens, Birgit Bockmann, Ulrike Freising, Juliane Hahn, Katja Hensel, Susanne Mewe, Tomo Mirko Pavlović, Mathias Schönsee and Christoph Zapatka have been invited to participate.

The "Stückemarkt" will take place on four days during the "Theatertreffen – tt04", which starts on the 1st and will end on 17th of May in the Theatre of the Berliner Festspiele. The exact dates will be published soon in the programme.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or you wish to contact one of the participating authors. After consultation with the authors the chosen texts will be available from our press department.

Public readings, playwrights’ salon and workshop
between May 1 and May 17, 2004 at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele


Thea Dorn | author, Berlin
Joachim Lux | dramaturg, Vienna
Monika Muskala | author and translator, Warsaw/Cracow
Jutta Wachowiak | actress, Berlin
Iris Laufenberg | director Theatertreffen, Berlin
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