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Toshio Hosokawa
Für Walter – Arc Song II
for soprano saxophone, piano with drums (2010)
Mark Andre
for saxophone, piano and drums (2006)
Wolfgang Rihm
for double bass saxophone, piano and drums (2006)
Helmut Lachenmann
for soprano and piano (2008–2010)

Trio Accanto
Yukiko Sugawara, piano
Marcus Weiss, saxophones
Christian Dierstein, drums

Sarah Maria Sun soprano

In collaboration with Radialsystem V
Recording Deutschlandradio Kultur,
broadcast 27 March, 20:03

With their impressive and emotive interpretations, Trio Accanto bring together the unusual sound spectrum of piano, saxophone and percussion. In the context of MaerzMusik, the ensemble and the soprano, Sarah Maria Sun, dedicate their concert to the 75th birthday of the composer Helmut Lachenmann. Works by Toshio Hosokawa, Mark Andre, Wolfgang Rihm and the guest of honour himself were selected for performance.
In the style of a Japanese folk song, Für Walter – Arc Song II by Hosokawa was written on the occasion of Walter Fink’s 80th birthday, the founder of Rheingau Musik Festival. At the same time, it is an homage to all those who lend an open ear to contemporary music and listen attentively.
Listening attentively to Helmut Lachenmann’s music means, above all, engaging with a new listening comprehension and understanding of composition. The exploration of new sounds and structures is just as important to Lachenmann as personal self-reflection and self-awareness. As such, Got Lost programmatically combines three seemingly very different texts. Through the singing voice, they will be transported into an ever-changing soundscape in motion, a space that is finally foreign to them, in which, according to Lachenmann, “music self-reflects in ‘blank’ exhilaration”.