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The orchestra of futurist noise intoners

Luciano Chessa conductor

Compositions by
Blixa Bargeld / Paolo Buzzi / Luciano Chessa / James Fei /
Ellen Fullman / Margareth Kammerer / Ulrich Krieger /
Pauline Oliveros / Pablo Ortiz / Mike Patton / Luigi Russolo
World premiere / commissioned work MaerzMusik | Berliner Festspiele:
Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand

T.R.I.O. Trento Risuona Improvisation Orchestra del Conservatorio di Musica Bonporti di Trento

Nicholas Isherwood bass
Blixa Bargeld / Amelia Cuni / Margareth Kammerer vocals
Werner Durand invented wind instruments

A production with commissioned works by PERFORMA New York. With thanks to EMPAC, Istituto Italiano di Cultura San Francisco and SFMOMA. Production in Europe: Festival Transart 10 Bozen. In collaboration with Radialsystem V and Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino

In his manifesto “L’arte dei rumori” (The Art of Noises) the painter and composer Luigi Russolo (1885–1947), one of the most radical exponents of “Futurism”, interprets the sounds of large cities and machinery as music. He developed instruments as noise generators and presented the “Intonarumori” in Milan at Casa Rossa, the headquarters of Futurism, that were supposed to give a voice to the 20th century. None of these original instruments have been conserved.
In 2009 the Italian composer Luciano Chessa was commissioned by the director of Performa Festival in New York, RoseLee Goldberg, to completely rebuild the series of 16 Intonarumori according to Russolo's blueprints. An illustrious team of contemporary composers have created works especially for these instruments, which have been performed under Chessa's direction. Transart brought the project to Europe and commissioned new compositions. MaerzMusik will now also give a stage to the orchestra of futurist noise intoners in Berlin.

La Cucina Futurista, an opulent lunch with delicacies from the “Futurist Kitchen” of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (nomen est omen) will provide the afternoon's entree. Inspired by recipes such as “Astrobroth”, “cable salad”, “railway sleeper with turf” and “synaesthetic mousse”, the head chef of Radialsystem V will let his own futurist fantasies run wild.