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Michael Vorfeld
Glühlampenmusik – Light Bulb Music
Audiovisual performance (2009–2011)

Aftershow with DJ klinker

In cooperation with MOSKAU GmbH

Light Bulb Music by the Berlin-based artist and musician Michael Vorfeld is an audiovisual performance, the music for which is created by the use of various lamps and electrical control elements. The implementation of switches, dimmers, relays, flasher relays etc. produces multi-faceted variations in lighting and electrical current. This is then made audible with the aid of microphones and pick-ups. Subtle mechanical sounds produced within the control elements emerge and are acoustically amplified and integrated into the music. Changes in light intensity, the glimmer of filaments and the rhythmical variety of flickering and pulsating lights are translated into a microcosmic and rich electroacoustic soundscape. An altogether analogue and complex light and sound performance arises out of a spatial installation.