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The Insomniac City Cycles (2009)

Live cinema and film by Ran Slavin

Ran Slavin, direction/music/sound/performance

In cooperation with Babylon

Fascinating, strange and simultaneously highly enigmatic – as if in a trance, beyond any physical logic, events fall into place.
A man in a multi-storey car park in Tel Aviv. He has a gunshot wound. What happened? He begins to reconstruct, to search. His search takes him to urban spaces, through streets, across squares packed with illuminated advertising, into rooms, through halls and corridors.
Broken memories resurface: figures, a gun, the scene of an execution?
In Shanghai: a young woman in black orders her own assassination by telephone. The space-time continuum stretches and contorts.
The images of these cities that move across the screen are enchanting. As if by magic, they develop a primitive mind of their own. Swaying buildings that change locations, soon silently collapse and then just as silently stand up tall again: as if they are breathing. In a continuously disquieting transformation “panta rhei” simultaneously evokes the flow of matter. In organic relation to this ghost dance of the psychotic urbanity resides the soundtrack: Noises, sounds, tones – analogue, electronic, distorted and original, voices in between. Everything constantly moving, flowing, merging into one another.
Ran Slavin describes his 70 minute video as an experimental thriller. Made during the years 2004 to 2009, it emerged from a short film project. References to criminal and fantasy film, to the cinematographic visions of Metropolis or David Lynch’s Inland Empire and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner are evident.
The Insomniac City Cycles is dense, confusing and secretive – artistic and independent, but by the same token, it disquietingly and tentatively questions the human mental state, the raison d’être in a world, in which order – deceit, dream, delusion – ceaselessly rearranges itself and gives birth to itself anew.