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We Don’t Care About Music Anyway … (2009)
Film premiere

Film by Cédric Dupire / Gaspard Kuentz
Music by Otomo Yoshihide / Numb & Saidram / Yamakawa Fuyuki / Kirihito / L?K?O / Sakamoto Hiromichi / Umi no Yeah!!! / Goth-Trad / Hiko
Sound by Jacob Stambach

In cooperation with Babylon

On first viewing, this film by French directors Cédric Dupire and Gaspard Kuentz seems to be an unpretentious documentary. In fact, it is a carefully produced ode to Tokyo's contemporary avant-garde music scene. Some of the most significant noise music artists in Japan are featured: such as Sakamoto Hiromichi (cello), Otomo Yoshihide (guitar, turntables), Takehisha Ken (guitar), Yamakawa Fuyuki (multi-instumentalist, vocals) Numb (laptop), Saidrum (laptop), L?K?O (turntables), Goth-Trad (self-built instrument). Whilst reflecting the playful experimentalism of its protagonists in its composition, the film combines genuine montage concert recordings and performances and city scenes that were recorded for the film with a thick carpet of noises, sounds and melodies. The directors themselves say that We Don't Care About Music Anyway … is, as the title suggests, less a film about music, than it is a film about sounds/noises and their perception.