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Stückemarkt III

Endless Ferment
By Ekat Cordes

Scenic arrangement by Jan Philipp Gloger
Dramaturgy Andrea Vilter
Stage and costume design Manuela Pirozzi
Read by Thomas Bading, Gisa Flake, Olivia Gräser, Steffi Kühnert, Paul Schröder and Max Simonischek

It all begins at the fair. While Gerd is hurtling down the ghost train called “Omen”, his wife Ruth is having her fortune told. Secretly, because Gerd has no time for such investments. Now she’s sitting in front of the crystal ball and has to hear that things look bad for her and her family. Ruth is surprised. Life is firmly in her grasp, just like the gingerbread heart she is pressing rather too hard against her chest. But here the mother of two and dog owner is wrong – perhaps because she wants to be wrong. Because something unhealthy is brewing in the hearts and minds of the four members of the family. The broth shared by two family generations is still only simmering but it will only take moments for this mixture of molecules to boil over.

Viewed from the outside, the world of “Endless Ferment” appears almost nostalgic, with the fair, the ghost train and grill parties in an idyllic detached home. But such appearances are deceptive because the characters who collide here bear the symptoms of a present steeped in indifference, egotism and violence in their bodies. These are humiliated and helpless creatures, whose longings for love have long been crowded out by false hopes and aggressive extermination fantasies: “The death of one is the bread of another.” Cordes probes the highs and lows of a grotesque roller coaster in his splatter comedy. The blood spurts and the chainsaw growls. But none of it has any effect. Because the question keeps on fermenting: where, in which store room of the soul, has true family happiness been left hibernating for far too long.
Malte Ubenauf

Ekat Cordes was born in 1982 in Aurich and studied German and Sociology in Oldenburg. He has been an assistant director at the Oldenburgischer Staatstheater since the 2006/2007 season, also working there as a director, in the press and public relations department, as a stage manager, in small acting roles as well as contributing the music for several productions. He has worked as assistant director to K.D. Schmidt, Jasper Brandis, Sascha Bunge, Albrecht Hirche and others.