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Der Kick (The Kick)

Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin/Theater Basel
by Andres Veiel and Gesine Schmidt

Susanne-Marie Wrage
Markus Lerch

Directed by Andres Veiel
Stage and costume design Julia Kaschlinski
Dramaturgy Gesine Schmidt, Julia Lochte

Première Basel 23 April 2005
Première Berlin 24 April 2005
Length 1h 30 min, without interval

Talk with the audience
Sun 21 May 23:00

The return of documentary theatre. However, in contrast to the Sixties, there are no figures of power and influence here, no grand narratives. Instead, a journey beyond social boundaries. Purely the present. Andres Veiel and Gesine Schmidt spent six months asking questions and listening to the answers in Potzlow, Brandenburg, where three youths murdered a fourth in 2002. This montage of verbatim accounts by parents, friends and teachers, presented in a stark and focussed production with only two actors, tells of victims and perpetrators until a point is reached where these categories themselves become questionable. This isn’t about understanding, it is an attempt to grasp the incomprehensible.