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gelbe Musik
23 March to 31 April 2006

Rolf Julius
Scores & Musical Remains
In cooperation with MaerzMusik | Berliner Festspiele

Opening: Wednesday 22 March 17:00
Opening hours
Tue–Fri 13:00–18:00
Sat       11:00–14:00

It is round or oval, small or big, dense in some parts, thin in others, rough and coarse or velvety smooth. It is noisy or quiet and at times utterly silent. It is an image, a sound, a body, and it is music. It is music by Rolf Julius. Music than can be seen and heard. Music that is present throughout, but appears and vanishes. It comes to live the moment our senses pay attention to things, when we discover in them the qualities that give us a hint at their being. This being, still and moving at the same time, seems to be free in space and time, it joins the present with the past and future. Rolf Julius presents the states of things, their “being here” and “moving there”. Form and material are simple and minimalist, the way or means of presentation may take many shapes, audible or silent, visible or invisible.

The “scores” by Rolf Julius are the result of many years of dealing with the phenomena of colour, form and sound, and their various states. The “scores” are really “mere” appearances, collections of single sheets that, bound together by their sequence and their overall title “concert”, remind us of a musical score, and which really do become a score if we treat them as one, if we play and “hear” them. The “scores” or “concerts” or “pieces” evolved from a series of photographs taken by Rolf Julius to document his work with pigments. The photographs of these round, nearly round or oval, black and red pigment surfaces were so fascinating that they survived as an own, aesthetical work. The photographs were printed with inkjet on slightly transparent and embossed paper, which added a new element to the “mere” documentation. The resulting sheets have a strong musical effect, they evoke sound, progress and movement.

Also the “musical remains” presented by Rolf Julius at gelbe musik are the result of a kind of field study in own works. It is the discovery of the discarded, the cuttings, the “wrong”, the superfluous, the old, the overlooked or unheard, but the nevertheless preserved, alive and unique within its own story.

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