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Stückemarkt III

This bed is too short or just fragments | tt price
Nina Mitrović – This bed is too short or just fragments
German translation by Karen Witthuhn
Scenic arrangement by Markus Heinzelmann
Dramaturgy by Marcel Klett

Robert Hunger-Bühler, Katharina Schüttler, Katja Zinsmeister, Mathis Schulze, Sylvia Habermann, Peter Kurth, Johannes Zirner, Jule Böwe, Carola Regnier

An encounter with the dying Tom gives Irene (27) the strength to make a decisive change in her life. Writing in English, using understated dialogue and fast, associative cutting between everyday scenes, the Croatian author creates a portrait of a young woman trapped between fear, doubt and the desire for change.

Nina Mitrović, born in 1978 in Slavonski Brod (Croatia), wrote several dramas following her studies at Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb. In 2002, her piece “Komsiluk naglavacke“ (Neighbourhood Upside – Down) was staged for the first time at Rijeka National Theatre. The play has won numerous awards, among others at the “Days of Satire” festival in Zagreb in 2003; it was followed by “Kad se mi mrtvi pokoljemo“ (When we dead slay each other), performed at Kerempuh Theatre in Zagreb. Other plays by Nina Mitrović are “Family in Ashes” (2003), “Bota Zdenkovic – a mono drama for inspector Bota and his civilian I Zdenkovic“ (2004), and “The return of the little prick” (2004). In addition, she writes radio plays and is currently working on a screenplay for Interfilm.

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