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Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?

Deutsches Theater Berlin
by Edward Albee
German translation by Pinkas Braun
looked over by Bernd Wilms
Martha Corinna Harfouch
George Ulrich Matthes
Honey Katharina Schmalenberg
Alexander Khuon
Directed by Jürgen Gosch
Stage and
Costume Design
Johannes Schütz
Lighting Design Thomas Langguth
Dramaturgy Bernd Wilms
Deutsches Theater Berlin

Première 18 November 2004
Length 2 h 15 min, no interval

Talk with the audience
Sun 15 May 22:00 in the upper foyer

| www.deutschestheater.de

Albee’s marital dystopia from 1962 has been resurrected at the Deutsches Theater. Ulrich Matthes as George hasn’t gone off the boil – he’s completely burnt out, a haunting, ashen mask of pain. Corinna Harfouch as the battleaxe Martha is torn apart by a lust for life and hunger for love. And the hopes for the future, Nick and Honey (Alexander Khuon, Katharina Schmalenberg); still unaware, not as wrecked or as dangerous, not yet such virtuosos of destruction, but already corrupted. The party from hell on New Carthage campus is always recognizably a Gosch production with its clear, direct and even-tempered atmosphere, its switches of mood and elegant choreography. Exceptional theatre.

“The most exciting theatre in Berlin” (Neues Deutschland)
“An inscrutable web of contradictions” (Theater heute)