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Lulu (Pandora's Box)

Thalia Theater Hamburg
by Frank Wedekind
Lulu Fritzi Haberlandt
Dr. Franz Schöning Felix Knopp
Dr. Goll Christoph Bantzer
Schigolch Markus Graf
Eduard Schwarz Hans Löw
Countess von Geschwitz Maren Eggert
Rodrigo Quast Peter Moltzen
Casti-Piani Helmut Mooshammer
Mr. Hopkins Axel Olsson
Kungu-Poti Andreas Döhler
Dr. Hilti Harald Weiler
Michael Benthin
Directed by Michael Thalheimer
Stage Design Olaf Altmann
Costume Design Barbara Drosihn
Music Bert Wrede
Video Alexander du Prel
Lighting Design Stefan Bolliger
Dramaturgy Sonja Anders
Thalia Theater, Hamburg

Première 28 February 2004
Length 2 h, no interval

Talk with the audience
Sun 15 May 19:30 spiegelBAR

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This Lulu is different. Director Michael Thalheimer has radically cut both the text and cast list to present the play as a hard, fast drama of child abuse and its consequences. He turns Wedekind’s male fantasy on its head. Here the men are as narrowly-conceived as Lulu normally is: they are sexually driven almost to the degree of parody. One look at her and they’re dropping their trousers. Fritzi Haberlandt doesn’t play a femme fatale or an innocently provocative child-woman. There is nothing attractive and certainly nothing erotic about her. Her attitude is more: do what you like with me, I don’t care. Her resistance is indifference. This is her response to the men’s attacks, Lulu, the abused child, the angel of revenge.

“In Fritzi Haberlandt Michael Thalheimer has a Lulu of extraordinary presence and conviction.” (FR).