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Chang in a Void Moon / Episode #58

by John Jesurun

Text, Director, Design, Video · John Jesurun
Sounddesign · Barbez
Lighting design · Jeff Nash
Technical Director · Richard Connors

Antonio Cerezo, Sanghi Choi, John Hagan,
Donna Herman, Anna Köhler, Annie Labois,
Jason Lew, Greg Mehrten, Rebecca Moore,
Arne Nobel, Darren Pettie, Sylvia Schwarz,
Susanne Strenger, Ching Valdes und Helena White

In English and German
Length 80 min

Thanks to Ellen Stewart, La Mama, Kiki Martins, Irene Young,
Kirk Winslow, Frank Maya, Pyramid Club, Bobby Bradley,
Chris Clements, Larry Maxwell, William Harris

4 Dezember | 22:00 hrs
Concert with BARBEZ (Punk Chamber Ensemble aus Brooklyn)

The “Chang” series is the world’s longest-running theatre soap opera. It began in 1979 as a short film, and soon after, its inventor John Jesurun put it on stage. The first thirty-six episodes ran from June 1982 to April 1983 at the Pyramid Club in New York, a venue usually used for punk concerts. Episode 58 is being written and produced specially for Berlin. Chang is a businessman involved in a complex weave of history, geography and family – the twenty-five years of the show’s existence have created a massive parallel universe.