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Berliner Philharmoniker, Tempelhof Airport 2008
Berliner Philharmoniker, Tempelhof Airport 2008
© Wolfgang Hilse

Musikfest berlin

The Berlin concert season is ushered in spectacularly in late summer by the orchestra festival at the Berliner Festspiele – run jointly with the Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker. Top international orchestras, instrumental and choral ensembles and the great symphony orchestras of the city of Berlin together present an ambitious festival programme with a new thematic focus each year.
Alongside opera, theatre and cinema, the orchestra is one of the most complex, magnificent and varied “machines” that Western culture has developed to represent and create ideas and emotions. Today, the variety of different forms of orchestra is greater than ever, due to modern technologies and our intimate knowledge of historical practices of performance. This two-week festival is therefore not only devoted to the symphonic repertoire, but also especially to significant but seldom heard, forgotten or unusual works from the past, and equally interesting new works. The Musikfest Berlin sees itself as a forum for innovative artistic work by the great orchestras and ensembles on the international music scene.

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